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The Other 2 Detroit Buildings by Architect Daniel Burnham

This morning everyone's favorite Daniel Burnham-designed building, the David Whitney, is back in the news. But since it has been hogging all the limelight since the announcement that it would be developed in a boutique hotel by Aloft, we thought we'd give some attention to the other two remaining Daniel Burhman-designed buildings downtown. (There was a fourth but it met a wrecking ball). The Ford Building at 615 Griswold St. and the recently-purchased-by-Dan-Gilbert Dime Building at 719 Griswold St. are just a block away. Says the Detroit News, "Chrysler Group LLC is close to signing a lease for a small office space in the Dime Building, according to a source familiar with the negotiations." In June, Crain's reported that Gilbert would pay $15 Million for the Dime and it's parking garage, which a whole lot more than the $3.3 million that developers at the Roxbury Group and Trans Inn Management paid for the David Whitney. Their Burnham had been empty and neglected for years more than 10 years and needs some clean up. While Burham became more famous in Chicago and New York (he designed the Flatiron Building) these are two pretty solid gems, though surely not the glitteriest disco balls at the club.

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The Dime Building

719 Griswold Street, Detroit, Michigan 48226

David Whitney Building

1 Park Avenue, , MI 48226