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Friends of Curbed Detroit Pick 2011's Best Neighborhood

Voting for the Curbed Cup, the "fake" award for the "real" neighborhood of the year, ends next Monday. So while there is still time to sway your opinion, some friends of Curbed are weighing in on the Ferndale vs. Lafayette Park Final Round. Here's what they had to say about who should win. (Polls will open this afternoon. Stay tuned!)

Toby Barlow, resident of Lafayette Park, Chief Creative Officer at Team Detroit, Author of Sharp Teeth, and sometimes "City v. Suburbs" debate instigator:
Lafayette Park is easily the best neighborhood for countless reasons! Countless! Let's talk about the fact that you can walk to Tigers games from there! You can wander down to the waterfront, (where is Ferndale's waterfront? Where?!) shop at the busy bustling weekend Eastern Market, bring home Supino's pizza and have it still superhot when you open it, ride your bike to Slows and Roast and Avalon without breaking even the slightest sweat. You can shop at the new grocery store in Lafayette Plaza (yes, we have a grocery store) and watch a city be reborn around you. Oh and it has been on the cover of Dwell Magazine (Ferndale?) Lafayette Park is one of the best neighborhoods in America, and that is the honest to god truth.

Nicole Rupersburg, resident of Lafayette Park, Blogger at Eat It Detroit, and sometimes "Detroit is the New Brooklyn" debate instigator:
Ferndale is the best. And I say that as a resident of Lafayette Park.

Philip Bator, resident of Royal Oak, Detroit Editor for Thrillist:
While Lafayette Park wins in the aesthetics category, I have to give it to Ferndale. It's the (almost) 4 mile city that not only could, but DID this year. Longtime businesses & shops served as the always-solid anchors while the newly opened spots helped keep things interesting + fresh.

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