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High Rise Apartment in Garden Court Takes A Little Off the Top

This condo came on the market 20 days ago at $70 K but has already lopped $10 K off the price. The two-bedroom and two bathroom loft in the Garden Court building has 1,600 square feet and some pretty fab hardwood floors. It was remodeled in 2007 and the kitchen and baths are still looking pretty spiffy for a 1915 building. For a high-rise downtown, we're not totally in love with all the views (Oh look! A Staples parking lot) but the windows get excellent light and the white-tiled bathroom is a bit adorable. For $60 K, it seems like a steal. · 2900 East Jefferson Avenue #D400 [Trulia]
· 2900 E Jefferson #D400 [The Loft Warehouse]

Garden Court Condominiums

2900 E. Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207