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Like Finding Buried Treasure: The Peacock Room Scores Big in the Park Shelton Building & We Score Shiny New Photos

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Last Friday, 500 people came to the "soft opening" of the little boutique with big architectural treasure: The Peacock Room. Owner Rachel Lutz originally rented her slot in the Park Shelton building with plans for just modest renovations; it had sat empty for the last three years and was outfitted with bland drop ceilings and dry wall. Lutz signed a five-year lease and when renovations began, the work crew revealed that this room was once part of the Wardell Hotel's Crystal dining room with magnificent details original to the 1926 building. Why anyone ever thought it best to cover them up is anyone's guess, but now Lutz has invested a lot of her own money to properly restore features like the marble floors, mirrored panels, lights, and gold-painted ceiling. We popped over for a sneak peak last week and were wowed by what she's calling the Taj Mahal of midtown (courtesy of another Park Shelton business owner). "I'm still awestruck," she says looking at the ceiling. If you want a gander in person, Lutz is now open for most of December but is planning the grand opening for after the new year.

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Park Shelton

15 E Kirby St, Detroit, MI