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Broderick Tower Holding Steady at 1/5th Leased Out

For a building that is still a construction site, the Broderick Tower is doing quite well in the leasing department. Since we last checked in after the big ol' open house in early November, the building is still at 1/5 leased for residential tenants (same as we last reported). However, they are now saying that all of the commercial space is locked down too. The office space will be leased by the Detroit Creative Corridor Center and the rest will be taken up by three restaurants. The Broderick is planning small private tours for serious residential applicants who have been unable to visit yet; there is one this upcoming Saturday and more to follow in January. Curbed Detroit puts the odds that it will fully lease before it opens in September 2012 at 50%. Any other guesses?

Update: The office leasing space is not confirmed by the Detroit Creative Corridor. The organization has been helping to developing a strategy to activate the space but have committed to nothing outside of continuing operations in the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education.

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