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Bank-Owned Six-Bedroom Home Could Use A PriceChop

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When it comes to six-bedroom homes, we hold real estate to a higher standard. So while we don't entirely hate everything going on in this listing for a 6,000 square-footer, the bathrooms are rather hideous, especially the one sporting a weird combo of blue sink and beigey, bad wallpaper. It is to bad because that dining-room ish space with the leaded windows and wood floors looks grand. Someone really could have finessed the photography, but as usual for a bank-owned building, it is just not being properly marketed. It is listed for $308,000 and last sold in October, 2008 for $280,000. With a whopping annual tax bill at over $14 K, we think this thing needs to do some PriceChopping before it goes anywhere. · 19380 Parkside Street [Trulia]
· 19380 Parkside Street [Crystal Hardison]