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Wurlitzer Building: Brick-Dropping Bad Neighbor Gets A Work Crew

Make a visit to Cafe 1515 Broadway, and any barista will give you an earful on their dangerous next-door neighbors. The owners of the Wurlitzer Building have been neglecting the property so extensively that the crumbling facade is dropping bricks. Yesterday news arrived via the Free Press that the concerned-and-caffeinated might be able to hang up the hard hats.

Workmen arrived at 7 am to rip off the rusted marquee but watch out, because the fire escape has been described as dangling. Interesting that the building is owned by a lawyer and a judge, who it seems have spent un-billable hours in court as of late. Last month, a court ordered extensive safety measures, including netting, to prevent building parts from falling.
Scott Weir, ERA Architects Inc., Toronto

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