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Freep Real Estate Coverage Spots a Trend, Ruins It

Known to be featurey and fluffy, weekend real estate coverage is a chance to kick back on the porch and read up on how the trendier sect of the city is living. This Sunday's Freep does not disappoint with a a look at lesbians getting into Midtown's loft living scene at the Willys Overland building.

Here's what we learned:
· If you are a developer, like Andy Farbman, and need a way to say that an area is cool (ie, you can walk to bars and restaurants). You can just say it is like Royal Oak.

· To quote the Freep: Developers say folks who like lofts often like other innovations." Holy crap! What sort of alterna-shit could they be into? Turns out these hippies dig geothermal heating, solar water heaters, and water recovery. Crunchy!

· Real Estate agents lie! The Freep warns us that, "the loft idea is so popular, many apartments now incorrectly call themselves 'lofts.'" Use your eagle eyes to detect signs of previous industrial use if you want the real deal.

· Loft living is where the action is in metro Detroit [Freep]

Willys Overland Lofts

444 W Willis St., Detroit, MI 48201

444 W. willis Ave, Detroit