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Cranbrook's Saarinen Home: Stay-Cation Destination for The Architecture Enthusiast

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With Labor Day weekend fast approaching, Curbed reminds you of the architectural wonders available without leaving the Detroit-metro area. Today we highlight the stay-cation potential of a trip out to the Cranbrook Academy of Art Campus in Bloomfield Hills. Eliel Saarinen, Cranbrook’s first resident architect, built an Art Deco masterpiece of a home which you can tour now, but only if you hurry. It is closed for the season from October to May.

Photos by Joe Wolf of JoeinSouthernCA on Flickr.

Loja Saarinen, wife and head of the Cranbrook Weaving Department when the home was built, made many of the home's textiles herself. With the Saarinen design power-couple's original furnishings in tact, this one is a must see, ASAP.

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