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Millionaire Demonstrates Roughing It in Real Estate Waste Land

If you've been missing an ABC show called Secret Millionaire, we need to catch you up real quick. Basically, Real Estate Investor Marc Paskin (who has TWO houses on the beach in California!) unleashes his midlife crisis on America by leaving his credit cards behind to go befriend the regular folks. After six days of living on the cheap, he reveals his identity, cuts a check to some locals, and jets back to the beach house(s). So how'd he do in dangerous D, The Murder Capital of the Nation?

It was touch-and-go there for a bit, but ultimately Murder City does not take Marc down. But it certainly takes him very far from billion dollar beach real estate. "I am amazed the city allows places like this to be even rented," Marc observes of his accommodations. He believes the carpet has not been changed in 20 years. But it gets worse! He also tells cameras that, "Half of the city looks like it was hit by a bomb." After delving into the usual convo one uses to make friends in Detroit (shootings, teenage pregnancy, and alcoholism) Marc takes a few opportunities to help out and tear up.

Spoiler Alert! $20,000 and $40,000 checks make people cry.

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