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The Banksy Mural Lifted From Detroit's Packard Plant Is Back!

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Detroit's vacant Packard Plant (3.M square feet formerly used to produce cars) once harbored a hidden art gem: a mural by reclusive British graffiti artist Banksy. That was until May 2010, when members of the 555 Nonprofit Gallery and Studios in Mexicantown took it down to preserve it, allegedly with permission from a foreman. What ensued was a lawsuit over the 8-foot tall, 1,500-pound cinder-block wall worth at least $100,000. And while that was being worked out, the mural was hidden from the public, much like its artist. However, art enthusiasts will only have to old their breath for a few more months: a $2,500 settlement means the Banksy is back as early as November.

· 555 Gallery gets OK to display Banksy Mural [Freep]