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The Hottest Property in the Tax Auction or Total Heartbreaker?

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Ever since this week's launch of the mapping website whydontweownthis, the Curbed news desk has been searching for unhealthily obsessed with finding the diamonds in the rough for the Wayne County Tax Auction. With the online bidding system going live at 11 am tomorrow, there was no clear winner in sight. Until 19430 Cumberland came along. And won our hearts! And then just about broke them. We looked up the tax history of unpaid fines (which bidders are responsible for) and it is not good. But the Palmer Woods address is rarely found at a bargain basement prices and we are talking French Country Formal with a starting bid of $55,600. Is this worth it after all?

This home was still listed on Trulia for $239,900 as recently as August 28. It's got six bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, and 2 halfs. Not to mention it is charming as hell and even the interior is cute in comparison to a bunch of crumbling stuff in the auction (no offense)! It was built in 1926, includes a garage, and will let you spread out over 3,458 square feet. So here is the bad news in red text above (in case that is not dramatic enough). Looks like the owners have not paid taxes since 2006 bringing the total tax debt to $57,065.53. Which is more than the bottom bid. With a total purchase minimum now at $112,665.53, we're a bit heartbroken. But not totally turned off. This is still pretty hot for a six-bedroom, no?

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