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That "Funeral Home Feeling" will Cost You in Pleasant Ridge

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Five bedrooms will really cost you in Pleasant Ridge but this home might just be worth the hefty price of a 1/2 Million Dollars for a "Landmark Mediterranean Revival." The bathroom count of 3 + 3/4 + 1/2 means plenty of places to pee and the crown molding, bay window, and lead glass are nice touches. And you've got an "in" at the residents-only public pool in the nabe. Why yes, this is looking good from the outside! But you might feel differently after a gander at the interior and its pink-carpeted, floral-sofa-filled living room of religious imagery. Not to mention that entry door looks churchy. Unless you are staging the come-back of Six Feet Under, better to pass on this one. · 3 Poplar Park Blvd., Pleasant Ridge [Real Estate One]