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The Hottest Property in the Wayne County Tax Auction So Far

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Screen shot from the Whydontweownthis Live! bid feed

This morning at 8:30, a first batch of properties in the Wayne County Tax Auction reached their bidding deadlines. (Bidding has been open online since Friday) So who was the big winner? Looks like 1550 Woodward Ave! With an opening bid of $68,600 it attracted 20 bids to close for $121,500. Not bad!

Update! For reasons unclear to Curbed, bidding was still going strong on this one well after 8:30. At last check there were 43 bids with the latest in at $166,000. And we're not sure it is done yet....

Update! #2 According to the Bid4Assets Page, it finally closed at 9:33 am for $176,000. The total number of bids was 48.

There she is ladies and gentlemen! With a current assessment of $170,503, this prime downtown real estate might end up being one of the major steals.selling for about what it is worth. Stay up to date on other closing bell prices with the Live! feed that Whydontweownthis is running throughout the process. Refresh early and often and come back to Curbed for winners and losers.

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1550 Woodward

1550 Woodward, Detroit, MI