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Home in the 'Burbs Has Trouble Putting Best Foot Forward

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From first glance, this is a lovely home listed for a reasonable $179,000. A Classic 1920's Tudor with three bedrooms, its exterior charms include the cedar shake cladding and large bay window. But there are items in the additional photos that are distracting from the overall charm.

This has to be the most egregious error implemented with paint in a while. On the outside, we were in Michigan. Inside this bedroom, its basically a Florida hotel.

Good grass is not easy to maintain and, yes, that hose is essential. But for Pete's sake, maybe pick that thing up when your real estate agent comes to take photos of a $179,000 house. There is no need to prove your dedication to the watering with the actual tools of watering.

This is nice! Genuinely nice! This brings up all the nice things we could list, like the hardwood floors, rear deck, full basement, and two car garage.

It would seem the grass got more than a fair share of the water. If the plants look like they are rotting, they are. Throw them out.

Even since George Costanza crawled under his desk, who hasn't wanted an office to nap in? This one is so boring that pretty much any surface should work for putting you to Zzzzzz.

All in all: this house is so close to too cute. But when its not a seller's market, the details go the extra mile. That cookie oven better be running if they go with an open house.

· 21 Wellesley Drive [Real Estate One]