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New Car Commercial Visits Frank Lloyd Wright’s Affleck House

Curbed has known for a long time that the Affleck House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is fab! Curbed National ran a feature of the Bloomfield Hills home owned by Lawrence Tech last November. But it seems the house's dramatic appeal is now affecting car sales. The Chrysler "Imported from Detroit" series which used Eminem to hock the "200" last winter is back with a "300" this fall. And this time that car is going for a much longer drive. Instead of staying in the city limits, it keeps cruising down the road and into the suburbs before pulling up outside the carport at the Affleck house for the grand finale. Because luxury cars deserve Wright's design delights too! Other notable landmarks in the commercial include the American Coney Island, Campus Martius Park, Cranbrook Institute of Science, and the Fox Theater.

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