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Old Tigers Stadium: Pave Over or Play Ball?

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The Old Tigers stadium in Corktown hosted the baseball team until 1999 and was finally demolished in 2009. (Fun fact: there are scenes of the demo in Eminem's video for "Beautiful.") Right now there's basically nothing going on at the site. But of course, this is no reason not to argue over it anyway.

On Wednesday, Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit News (Nolan Finley) posted this on his blog:

The site is perfectly located for industrial use, lying near freeways and railroad tracks. To which M Live blogger Jeff T. Wattrick responded with a resounding aw hell NO! Yesterday he wrote:

Has Nolan Finley ever been to Detroit? And went on to argue that the only thing we could possibly do with this site is continue to play ball. For god's sake! The site has been a baseball field since 1896 and as a baseball field it shall stay.

Without the efforts of volunteers cleaning the site and playing baseball, the post-demolition Tiger Stadium would be another weed-filled lot occupied by old tires, expired condoms and the assorted refuse of the urban tumbleweed. In other words, it would look like the rest of 40 square miles of vacant land in this city.

The expired-condom card has been played ya'll! We anxiously await a follow up blog post from Nolan. · Pave over Tiger Stadium site [Nolan Finley's Blog]
· Nolan Finley's 'industrial use' plans for Tiger Stadium suggest he doesn't 'get' free markets [MLive]