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Crain's House Party Pre-Planning: Pre-Judging the Interiors

Can't make it to the Crain's Detroit House party tomorrow? Or just don't want to because it is $60? No worries! Curbed Detroit will bring you Hangover Observations on Thursday morning. The event allows each guest to pick one home out of 32 properties throwing cocktail parties that night. But, as usual, not all interior design is created equal! Curbed Detroit thumbed through the brochure to play favorites.

C Det's #1 Pick! You may think that the lofts are where it is at when it comes to partying, but this Arts and Crafts stunner has a booze-fueled history. Built in 1913, the 5,000 square foot bungalow was owned by the Martz Brewery family and "was designed to entertain." It is located in Islandview Village.

? C Det's #2 Pick This Rosedale Park address wasn't willing to give much away in the description. And yet used just the right words: pub room. "Built as a neighborhood watering hole and tribute to German style pubs, the maple floors, built in bar and mural all make this space one of a kind."

? C Det's #3 Pick These are not the best images of this loft. But fortunately we recognize the good taste from this earlier Model D shoot. We're betting on it for best cocktails as well, since it is looking like the gay condo owners excel at details in Don Draper style.