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Royal Oak V. Clawson: A Face Off

A four bedroom listed at $149,900 in Royal Oak is a total tear down. In fact, it looks like it is being eaten by a tree and you have to sign a waiver of liability to enter. Yikes! But in neighboring Clawson, you can get a three bedroom built in 2011 for $149,000.

This bit of Craftsman-style new construction has 1,200 square feet and some bathrooms plus fractions that add up to 2 + 1/2 + 3/4. The living room and dining room are open to the kitchen, which includes a breakfast bar. The covered porch adds real appeal to the exterior, while the rest has a bit of the new-trying-to-look-old thing not quite working for it. But bottom line, this house costs $900 less than one in Royal Oak that might fall down on you. It's easily the face off winner.

· 342 Kinross Ave., Clawson [Real Estate One]
· 2321 Main St., Royal Oak [Real Estate One]