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Bright Green for Not Much Green: Good Deal, Bad Photos

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$94,900 is not bad for a Garden Court Condo. This is an Albert Kahn-designed building that lists for as much as $327,500. This short sale will put you in a 2,200 square footer with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. But if you go in for the tour, bring your paint swatches because the living room's version of green has got to go. More importantly, when you get there have a little talk with the owners about how to clean up for guests and put their best foot forward. For unknown reasons they've included shots of their messy ironing board and decided to highlight the pantry. Ah yes. All decked out with Tilex and Captain Morgan's. Might we suggest fresh cookies and flowers instead?

· 2900 E Jefferson Ave [Real Estate One]

Garden Court Condominiums

2900 E. Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207