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Crain's House Party: Wooed by Woodbridge

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Parties: We love them! Invite us to yours!

Last night was our first trip to the Crain's House Party, an event to showcase real estate in Detroit with cocktail-fueled house tours. To our initial disappointment, this is not party-hop style. Participants pay $60 to see one house for two hours before being ushered to an after party. Ahem! Attention Crain's Suggestion box: next time chuck the lame prom-style after party (this year's was at the Roostertail) and just leave people where they are happiest: getting drunk at home in fancy real estate with a bunch of strangers wearing name tags. Otherwise, our evening was lovely, thanks to our incredible Woodbridge hosts on Lincoln Street.

Photos by the lovely and talented Nicole from Eat It Detroit.

Oh sweet Woodbridge home! We wish we were never parted! And not just because of the food spread. Make sure to note our most adored detail as you click around this gallery. There is a framed "I Love You" by Yoko Ono in the bedroom. This home has been in the house tour all six years but we're betting no one will ever get tired of seeing it.

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