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Who Steals the Show In the People Mover Film?

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If you missed the premier last Sunday at the Tashmoo Biergarten, now is the time to block out the next 17-some-odd minutes for the People Movie Film, an oddly delicious way to see Detroit. Shot over one day last April with Art Production by Toby Barlow, the film takes you for a ride downtown accompanied by a hit-list of local art talent. There may be 24 performers, but is there ever really more than one star? After several viewings, Curbed Detroit has narrowed it down to these top three candidates for best performance.

1. Dave Mancini : The chef and owner of Eastern Market's Supino Pizzeria cooks on moving transit with some help from Grant Lancaster. Watch as he assembles some sort of crepe and turkey dish over hot burners while trying not to fall over. It's endearing! It's delicious! It might make food the video's surprise star.

2. Detroit Party Marching Band: Sure. We've seen plenty of musicians perform on transit. Pick any day in the smelly New York subway system. But there is something about bringing the parade indoors in matching outfits that makes this one a major crowd-pleaser.

3. Detroit Architecture : Granted, that is the topic of this blog and our constant obsession. But has the city ever looked so good as in sweeping views from the raised platform of the moving train? The local musicians are a nice compliment to the visual feast. Above: The Rosa Parks Transit Center completed in 2009 and the Broderick Tower Book Tower completed in 19281926.

· People Mover, a 4exit4 Production [Vimeo]