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Corktown Condo Just Listed At $124,900. Will it PriceChop?

A Corktown Loft Condo on 6th St. (and this one's a looker!) doesn't sound like such a bad idea at $124,000. The one-bedroom has got 1,100 square feet and some huge windows! Hardwood abounds in the floors, beams and ceilings. But here's the catch: A Grinnell Place Loft (also in Corktown) is aiming for short-sale at $70,000. It's a studio with 876 square feet. So we're betting on a PriceChop for the 6th-Streeter.

· 1535 6th St. [O'Connor Real Estate]
· Grinnell Place Lofts Unit 205 [O'Connor Real Estate]