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Detroit Takes a Trip to Toronto Film Fest via "Urbanized"

Filmmaker Gary Hustwit went on a world-wide quest (including locations in China, India, and Brazil) for his documentary about cities entitled Urbanized. Tomorrow is the big Toronto Film Fest world premier which will includes footage from good ol' Dangerous D. (We get our first look at the DIA's screening on October 11.) So what will viewers be seeing when the camera turns to the Motor City?

Last June (full disclosure: with a little help from Curbed Detroit's editor) Gary and camera guy Luke Geissbühler (fun fact: he shot Borat!) ran around Detroit for three days. Just in time to see Cass Tech mid-tear-down, the pair also visited Michigan Central station, the Georgia Street Community Garden, Eastern Market, and Lafayette Park. Stay tuned to Curbed Coverage to see what made the final cut. · Urbanized [Official Site]