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Camilo Pardo Hosts Designer's Party at his Bankle Building

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Parties? We love them! Invite us to yours!

Bear with us, car fanatics. This is Curbed Detroit's first Auto Show and we got distracted by a building. (Sorry) The object of our affection last night was the so-called Bankle Building, owned by Camilo Pardo. The former Ford designer hosts the annual Designer's Party for the Auto Show crowd, which was held last night. As it turns out, he also lives in the 1920 building which he has owned for about 20 years. Upstairs lurks an unused ballroom, awaiting renovations. The party was confined to downstairs where cars were driven in for the occasion, to keep the models company in looking sexy. Our favorite super-mod detail? The egg chairs that Pardo got from Ford. The space also shows off Pardo’s paintings and fashion designs: the models wearing Pardo’s "Pop Art-like fashion designs." · Dispatches From the Annual Designers’ Party [NY Times]
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