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Skidmore Studio's Fabulous Office in The Madison Building

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Photos by Joe Vaughn of Vaughn Media Inc.

Here is a big reveal we've been anxiously awaiting for quite some time! Behold! The new Skidmore Studio offices in downtown Detroit! The creative services firm moved into Dan Gilbert's Madison Building late last fall, leaving behind Royal Oak. The new office interior is the work of the super-talented folks at Patrick Thompson design. Says Thompson himself, " I could not be more pleased with the way it turned out." Us either! Once again, we have office envy! PTD came up with the configuration for the custom built cubicles, adjusted for just the right lean-here-and chat height. But what we're most in love with is the mix the old and new (brick walls meet graphics!) Originally founded in Detroit, Skidmore is known for branding, marketing, graphic design, motion graphics, interactive design and online media. The street-level tenant of the Madison building is the Angelina Italian Bistro; Skidmore is on the fourth floor.

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Skidmore Studio

1555 Broadway, 4th Floor, Detroit, MI