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Yet Another Detroit Photo Essay with Horrible Title, Captions

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Bad call for Totally Cool Pix. They posted a photo essay of some pretty great shots of Detroit and went with a terrible title, "Detroit is Not Working," and made it worse in the captions. Didn't we just go through a case of a journalist's bad judgement already this week? What is different this time is this was almost awesome. We like the shots of the abandoned Martyrs of Uganda Catholic Church and the skyline. But beautiful photos become less so with captions like these:

The skyline of Detroit, Michigan is seen from Windsor, January 4, 2012. Saddled with crippling debt, mounting labor costs, and onerous union contracts, the city that paved the auto industry's success is in need of a bailout of its own.

Sorry guys, but the Detroit skyline as seen from Canada deserves a much better caption. Like "let's get the HELL out of Canada and go there!!!" And for gods sake, at least come up with a synonym for "crippling debt."

· Detroit Isn't Working [Totally Cool Pix]