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Detroit's Downtown is #9 on a List of the Best in America

According to Top Tenz, Detroit's downtown is pretty rocking! On a list of the Top 10 American Downtowns we made #9, beating out the cheese eaters in Milwaukee, WI who took #10. Who took number #1? New York City, of course. That's not really a fair fight. Anyhow, here's why we placed so well:
Detroit’s downtown is one of the most architecturally impressive in the country, largely because the city began to decline before others began urban renewal efforts. These efforts would ultimately scar the cores of those cities. Detroit’s downtown, then, is a remarkable architectural testament to pre-World War II styles of construction. It also remains a center of employment in the greater metro areas, and it has revitalized in recent years with the addition of restaurants and sports facilities. · Top 10 American Downtowns [TopTenz]