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New Building Owner Will Crowd-Source Development Ideas

Andrew Didorosi, the owner of the small-business incubator Paper Street in Ferndale, scored a building on Michigan Ave. in the last tax auction for $15,600. He had been interested in the City Cab building as well, but was outbid in the end. And so now begins the "what to do with it portion," of auction building ownership. This former auto repair shop just north of the train station on Michigan Ave has the distinction of harboring one of the largest Marlboro carton collections we've seen in a while. But while that is being cleaned up, Andy is going to paint the building and launch a website asking locals what they think it should be. Bar, coffee shop, wayward writer's flop house, or min-casino? You'll get your say soon. Be on the lookout for a facade that says "What Should This Be?"

· 2520 Michigan Ave. [Whydontweownthis]