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Score An Adorable Bungalow For Less Than $10 K

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When we see a home listed for less than $10 K, we get nervous. Is it going to be a wreck in there? More times than not, yet. But NOT today! Foreclosed and listed for $6,900, this home has some good things going on. For starters, it may not be in the most happening hood on the east side, but it is not too far from Hamtramck or Indian Village. There's something adorably barn-ish about the metal roof and red exterior. While we'd re-paint that lime-green interior trim, we see nothing to dislike about the hard-wood floors and those built-in shelves/benches. This bungalow has two bedrooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms but no garage. All in all, seems like a decent deal for what some fools pay in monthly rent. · 4708 Seminole St. [Zillow]