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Ham Town Lofts Bought To Be Redeveloped By The City

Like loft buildings but feeling priced-out of midtown? Here's one to watch: there is a three-story brick building on Joseph Campau in Hamtramck on the same block as the New Dodge Lounge that was foreclosed upon and then bought by the city of Ham Town last year with part of the $15 M Neighborhood Stabilization grant. They managed to scoop it for a for approximately $44,000. Inside are rumored to be two beautifully renovated loft apartments and two that were never completed; the first floor is commercial space. The city is debating what to do with the entire building and ideas have ranged from selling the units at low costs to artist, to creating an incubator, to operating the building as a hostel. This is a rare one indeed! We'll keep you posted. · Hamtramck is Heating Up with $15 M for Redevelopment [Curbed Detroit]

Hamtramck Loft Building

Joseph Campau and Goodson , Hamtramck, MI