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Advocating For All Apartment Buildings on Woodward Ave.

Today we continue our series on Re-Imagining Detroit Buildings, an unscientific approach to seeing what this city would like to see saved. We'll continue asking around until we run out of ideas. Is there someone in-the-know you think we should hunt down? Send us a tip!

Images of the Eason Wood Apartments (now demolished) via Detroiturbex.

Today we turned to a policy guy, Francis Grunow, who works for New Solutions Group and just yesterday published an interview with Enrique Penalosa, former mayor of Bogota, Colombia in Model D. Grunow is a transit lover that hangs out in one of our most favorite offices, The Green Garage. Here is his argument for what buildings Detroit should look into developing:

There are so many buildings to choose from, but from a policy perspective, I would like to make an argument for "any vacant apartment building still standing along the Woodward corridor". With the stupid demo of the Eason apartment recently in Highland Park, and the tragic damage of Highland Towers due to fire a couple of years ago, there are few development disconnects more glaring in my mind. Here we are on the one hand laughably and maddeningly playing a game of stop/go with transit on the Woodward corridor, while on the other hand, significant urban fabric that could be rehabbed to help make this project a success is being destroyed. Sounds like solid logic to us.

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