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Detroit Works Project Continues Re-Branding Spree With Video Using A Morgan Freeman Sound-Alike

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Since re-launching in early December, Mayor Bing's city planning initiative —The Detroit Works Project—seems to have been very busy in the re-branding department. First there was the switch to the new logo and twitter handle @DetroitLongTerm which is just as slow as the last one at informing us of new pro-Detroit journalism. Now they've gone all touchey-feely on us in a video that introduces us to "iDetroit" and a lot of other things that start with "i." Think Sesame Street, meets iPad, meets Morgan Freeman. At least the voice over artist sounds like him but appears to really be some white dude named Aaron Golematis. Our take on the video: nicely shot, the music is overkill, and the "i"-ification does not hit on anything meaningful although it might have made us want to go order Apple products. And while we love a city stumping for itself (I heart New York, anyone?) wasn't this program supposed to do things like work on density, transportation, and basic services? DWP has been around since September 2010. Do we have to wait til 2013 for @GettingTheDirtyWorkDone?

· Who is Detroit? [YouTube via Detroit Works Project]