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Detroit Increasingly Dominating Miami In 2012 Rankings

Was it some of the angry comments on Curbed Detroit that tipped off CNBC? They've named Detroit (actually Detroit-Livonia-Dearborn) as the fifth most stressful city on a list of ten. We won this distinction because 11.4% of you are divorced (pshaw! don't get married in the first place and help the team) 15.7% of you are unemployed (snort! just call it "freelance writing") and there are, annually, 180 cloudy days in the area (yeah that rather sucks). Oh and some stuff about crime and death. More importantly, who did we beat? Apparently, Tampa is the worst. Even more importantly, we came in ahead of Miami again! Last week, we told you all about how we beat them on the Wost Run Cities list. With Miami taking third place as most-stressed our reign over the orange-beach goers continues. Is it any accident that Curbed Detroit launched last fall and Miami still does not have a site yet (coming!) We'll leave you with this before we make it any more awkward on upcoming company phone calls, Detroit ranked in the second percentile for alcohol consumption per month and in the Curbed National round-up of homes in the most-stressful cites, we had an oasis listed for under $ 1/2 M while in Miami, serenity costs $27M.

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