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Kales Residents Learn Annoying Neighbor Might Be Dunzo

DOWNTOWN— Residents of the Kales apartment building learned via the building newsletter today that their annoying neighbor, theLAX Hanger Club, might just be done for. At least that is usually what it means when a club fails to get a liquor license. The email says, "We have received verbal and written confirmation from the MLCC that LAX has rescinded their application for a liquor license. As a result, LAX will remain closed." The Kales long history of complaining about this club dates back to a shooting over the summer as well as gripes over the noise and traffic. In October a group of downtowners organized a petition to have the pending license denied; until then it had existed on borrowed weekend permits. The Kales faces Grand Circus Park on the same block of W Adams Street as the nightclub. At the other end of the block, residents of the Fyfe apartments were similarly displeased with this situation and for a while boycotted the RUB Pub for leasing to LAX. So for now this is looking like a win for residents and some empty space for a commercial tenant. Now if only we could visit our friends down there without the fear of some poorly advertised car towing program! [CurbedWire inbox]

Club Hangar LAX

22 West Adams St, Detroit, MI