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Dearborn's Ford Homes Get Some Love From Old House Journal

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Nevermind for the moment this article is slightly skewed in favor of suburban-sprawl, the subdivision that Henry Ford built in Dearborn does have some rather lovely homes conceived by architect Albert G. Wood. The Dearborn Realty and Construction Company bought a nine-acre site and began filling it with homes in 1919 built assembly-line style by Ford plant workers. The fact that the homes were built as types (Model A through Model F) is endearing as are the roof lines (hip, gable, gambrel, and jerkin-head!). Surprising fact: they did not all come with garages! The homes sold for $5,750 to $9,750 but not to just anyone. According to the article Ford demanded stability and “suitability” of all prospective owners. Exclusive! Probably discriminatory! But we can't be too down on the current state of things as the development boasts a high level of maintenance and its always great to see history in tact. Especially around here.

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