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Check Out The Chevy Volt Commercial From Ham Town

There's now a 30-second Chevy Volt commercial shot in Hamtramck circulating but word on the street is that more could be coming. We're following rumors that a longer (potentially full-minute) version of the commercial will debut during the super bowl. In the meantime, here's the view down Joseph Campau St. in the two-square mile city that is enclosed within Detroit. That building you see on the corner usually has a Pepsi mural but it was whited-out; it's the American European Market. Shot last November, the scenes of real-life Hamtramck get some bizzaro virtual treatment with the addition of a moving conveyor belt of car production through the streets. The commercial ends with Tim Allen's voice over "From the heart of Detroit ... Chevy runs deep," which would suggest that Detroit has been storing it's heart outside of itself. That, like Hamtramck doughnut shops, cannot be cardiologist recommended.

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