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A Six Bedroom Home Drops The Asking Price, Seeks TLC

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In the center of Indian Village near the popular-with-Detroit-parents Waldorf School, this house has a lot going for it. Now for $10 K less! Listed as a bank-owned foreclosure about a month ago, the 1919 home dropped the price just this morning and comes with the disclaimer that it needs some TLC, which is pretty apparent in the kitchen shots. But renovation fanatics will be rewarded with hardwood floors, a fireplace, and that wood-paneled dining room. With 4,000 square feet, get ready to spread out; the master bedroom is supposed to be 34' by 20' and at 75' by 172' the yard is pretty substantial too.

· 2184 Iroquois St. [Realtor]
· 2184 Iroquois St. [Zillow]