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Detroit's Hot Taco Officially Opened Yesterday

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Images by Eat It Detroit. For more food porn, see the full Flickr set.

First new business opening of the year in Detroit? Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner! Yesterday Hot Taco Detroit got the doors open to a "gringo Baja California-style taco shack," in the words of Eat It Detroit blogger Nicole Rupersburg. What the hell is that? We are not sure but with these temperatures we'll take whatever pieces of Baja are offered. Downtown Detroit design loyalists may remember this storefront at the former site of Hugh (from September 2009 to April 2010 and then for a three weeks of December 2010). While that store will be reborn in the Auburn next year, it left some good design vibes behind for owner Sean Harrington to work with. Sean is also owner of The Town Pump and Centaur Bar and pretty much that whole block of Park Ave. behind the Fox Theater. He turned Hot Taco into a place with that "slick ground-floor-of-an-ultra-sleek-urban-loft-building feel to it," (again EID's words) including brushed metal countertops, a white ceramic tile back splash, red walls, floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows and exposed ductwork. Our verdict? Setting the bar high already in downtown Detroit and extra points for forcing us all to write things like "The Hot Taco is Open!," for the high schooler in all of us.

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Hot Taco

2233 Park Ave., Detroit, MI 48201