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The 2011 Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year: Ferndale

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In 2011, Oakland County's Ferndale got a craft cocktail bar, an espresso and wine bar, coffee roasted in Brooklyn (Ferndale is the new...), a crafty market, and most importantly, a Curbed Cup championship! Only Kate Middleton and Adele had better years. Ferndalians and their fans defeated Lafayette Park in the tournament finals, claiming 65.4% of the 1,233 total votes. Cried some city residents, "No fair! That's not really a neighborhood." To which we respond: True! What's your point? Over on Curbed LA, the independent city of Pasadena also made to the finals to face city hoods; the home of the rose bowl was ultimately defeated! Note to Detroiters: 'tis not impossible but best start plotting your coalitions for 2012! And with that: welcome to 2012 on Curbed! Who's year will this be? Let's get started!

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