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Comment of the Day

From someone who used to live there, I don't think the people that still live there will get what they have put in to their home or their neighborhood. We the people of the hood (as it was called) have gotten it cleaned up, have ran the gangs out, have ran the hookers out and have cleaned up all the trash that used to be there. The way the housing market is, they won't get half of what they have put in. People have painted their homes and planted flowers, and plants.They have fixed up their neighborhood, their homes and have loved the business that has served the hood, well in all the years they have been there. And what will happen to those businesses? Will we still be able to find them so we can still buy the things that you can only get there, and no place else? I moved out of state but every time I come home to visit. I still go to the stores to get certain things. These are just some of my thought on the issue. I hope for the best solutions for everyone. God Bless. - Yvonne Chastain Owens [The Neighborhood Marathon Oil Is Killing With Its Buy Out]