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Writing's on the Window @ M@dison's Big Medi@ Preview

Today was supposed to be the big reveal for the Madison building that Dan Gilbert bought in January 2011, henceforth know as M@dison. But as we all know by now, Gilbert's new building buying activity upstaged it. Shucks! Well $12 Million in renovations apparently is not enough to pay someone in PR to censor the windows before the media arrives. The scene above was taken from the third-floor office of Detroit Venture Partners, whose CEO Josh Linkner was on hand for the tour this am. It would seem the team scrawls thoughts in dry erase markers on the windows. Our best guess is that the one about "sex" involves one of the nearby bean bag chairs. But we decided not to ask too many questions.

· Rock Ventures Shows Off Madison Building Restoration [CBS Local]

The M@dison

1555 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226