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Building Exploded For Red Dawn To Be Bar/Eatery

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This post was authored by Curbed contributor MJ Galbraith.

Update: This place will become a Louie's Bar of sorts, but not THAT Bar Louie. Turns out the owners of Louie's Ham & Corned Beef in Eastern Market and Warren are setting up a bar there and our tip from the Construction crew was just a bit off. So mall-haters can breath a sign of relief for an indie-ish business (albeit still one creating a bad fauxade) joining downtown.

If you don't recognize the building from our pictures above, it's because its last facade was literally BLOWN OFF over two years ago. In fact, our squat friend here has seen a lot of action over the past few years. Besides being firebombed, it's been the site of epic rap battles and intergalactic robot fights. And now the storefront on Clifford Street (where Griswold Street T-bones) is going to see even more action.

30 Clifford Street is set to become a Bar Louie. Bar. Owned by the people fromLouie's Ham & Corned Beef.

Turns out that the national "neighborhood bar" local meat lover's chain and movie location scouts have the same taste. Who knew? They tarted 30 Cliff up as the facade of "the Shelter" in 8 Mile. They littered Transformer debris around its fictitious liquor storefront. They even exploded it in the red scare paranoia flick Red Dawn. Now Quicken workers whose old offices in Livonia allowed quick access to the Bar Louie in the mall will soon be allowed quick access to the [different type of] Bar Louie downtown. Convenient, no?

As if finding a parking spot for Cafe D'Mongo's and the "gentlemen's" club across the street wasn't difficult enough, the block of Griswold from Clifford to Grand River is about to get a whole lot busier. With the pending completion of a national bar chain comes the inevitable development questions.

[Ed Note: Poll Redacted. Sorry. You can no longer vote on how upset you would be if a major chain came to this block. Cross your fingers and hope that Applebee's location scouts did not see The Ides of March]

· Red Dawn EXPLODES Detroit Building! Explosion for New 2011 Movie remake [YouTube]

The Site for Louie's Bar

30 Clifford St., Detroit, MI