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Ham Town Fixer-Upper Has Commercial Space & 3 Apartments

Looking to start a business in Hamtramck? Its a bit off the main commercial strip (Joseph Campau St.) but that hood seems to have insatiable thirst for the neighborhood dive bar. Get a crate of PBR and open your bar! Even better? Live right above it! For a mere $100,000 this brick building offers storefront/bar/office space AND three two-bedroom apartments. Sure, the inside is a bit of a wreck, but for a dive bar you barely have to clean that up. More importantly, the exterior appears solid and somewhat attractive. Still not convinced? We let Jason Friedmann, the Director of Community and Economic Development for the City of Hamtramck make a pitch for this property.

There are some good things going on in that neighborhood surrounding that building. The city is building/rehabbing about 30 homes just to the south, and has deconstructed/demolished about 20 homes removing quite a bit of blight. Popps Packing gallery is just to the west and they are working on an orchard/urban farming project on the north side of the street, along with affordable artist housing/studios. Rumor is that Record Graveyard will be moving from Caniff to a renovated storefront just to the east of this building. The bad side is that the section of Detroit directly to the north is pretty rough - a ton of our drug problems come from there. That whole section of Carpenter St. was filled with unique storefronts not too long ago. That area is still within walking distance to all the amenities in town, so with a bit if elbow grease it looks like it's on it's way back.

· 2206 Carpenter St Hamtramck, MI[Century 21]