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America's Poorest Zip Code: Much Less Douchey Than Richest

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Detroit has some real problems, for sure, but thankfully one of them is not a plethora of horrible Tony Soprano-esque McMansions. These tasteless, bloated residences rose to popularity in the 90s signaling that Americans cannot be trusted with money as then tend to spend it building the next douche city, USA. (And that is why the Gods of architecture punished us with the recession.) So when we perused a photo tour of American's richest zip code (in Alpine, NJ nine miles from New York City's Manhattan) and then a photo tour of America's poorest zipcode (48208 in Detroit) we have to say we were far more taken with the latter. Sure, there's some ruin porn, but there is also the awesomeness that is The Woodbridge Pub (where the beer is cheap AND good!) and more importantly, the absence of Lil' Kim. If trashy rappers make you rich, we'll stick with poor, thank you very much! Business Insider lists crime, murder, and mayhem as reasons to avoid 48208 while Alpine and it's $4.55 Million homes count well-known business and pop culture residents as a "bonus."

Speculation: Does anyone else think this "photography" is a series of google street-view screen grabs? There's ruin porn, and then there is ruin porn that does not even have nice lighting or interesting photographic angles.

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