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Adorable Historical Home Needs A New Foundation, Love

At first we could not figure out why this adorable Corktown home had not sold yet. The kitchen looks recently renovated, the bathroom is cute, there are wood floors, and a washer and dryer. At the short-sale price of $68,900 it is less than the owners paid in 2006 ($75,000). It's Corktown! It's so hot right now! Then we found something on DetroitYES! that made us sad. The owner writes, "I am moving because I cannot afford the repairs that the house needs. The house is not properly supported right now and needs to be set on a new foundation. D&B House Movers in Monroe gave me an estimate of $18K to lift the house, dig a new block foundation, install a weeping system and sump pit, and set the house back down again. If I owned the house free and clear—or if the mortgage wasn't so far underwater—I would be able to afford the repairs." Major bummer!!! We'd like to see it saved. It would seem the DetroitYES! Poster (PSewick) is Paul Szewczyk, author or the blog Corktown History. We are won over by his author profile which states, "I moved to Corktown in 2005. It had nothing to do with urban exploration or pulled pork sandwiches. I just like old houses." Anyone have ideas on how to lift a house and install a new foundation on the cheap?

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Corktown Historic District

Wabash St., Detroit, MI 48216