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An Undepressing Tour Of America's Cheapest Zip Code: 48208

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Photos bu Detroiturbex.

Yesterday, we told you about Business Insider's"Depressing" "photo" tour of the architecture and landscape in Detroit's 48208 zip code, "America's Cheapest Zip Code." (A determination based on real estate prices. The the median home price in this zip is $6,388). In response, our photographer friend over at Detroiturbex has posted his own, far-more appealing photos of the area (and we are hoping some of those pretty buildings are for sale. Cheap, of course). He addresses BI, directly in several paragraphs.

Your article paints a pretty grim picture of the housing situation in 48208. Yeah, it does have some rough spots. The whole city is dealing with some pretty challenging times. But noting that some properties are sitting on the market for 3 months or more? Talk to people in Las Vegas who have been sitting on their homes for two years or more. Though on the flip side, while you see homes selling for $10,000 as depressing, many others see it as an opportunity to live in a vibrant area with great places to shop, eat, drink, and be merry.

But I guess if you really put me up to it, made me pick one "gripe" or "flaw" with your article, it would probably have be in its total lack of journalistic... anything. Seriously, did ace reporter Julie Zeveloff even visit 48208 in person, or just in Google Earth? Because by the looks of it, she drove through the virtual streets of Detroit (possibly making automobile sounds as I do when I'm playing with Google Street View), took some screenshots of the most dismal parts of the neighborhood, and made a brief trip over to for some choice facts. Wikipedia may have been involved. It's hard to tell, since there is so little of substance in the article.

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