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Skepticism Over the "Symbolic" Stretch of Light Rail

The graphic at right is an "ouch" to those still pushing to make Light Rail happen in Detroit. On Friday we learned that it might still be possible for plans to come together for a 3.4-mile line after earlier plans for a line from Eight Mile to downtown were scrapped in favor of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). But today MLive doesn't think the new plan will mesh.

"Imagine the absurdity of downtown workers (or sports fans) exiting one tram in New Center to wait for a different tram to take them the last couple miles of their commute down Woodward. " With the proposed bus system to cover 110 miles, we are not so sure what the point of another People Mover mini ride is. What is apparent, is that light rail is now a topic to be discussed in public while making air quotes. Get your fingers ready for the words “rail circulator,” "rapid" transit, and "transit friendly." · Can light rail and bus rapid transit coexist on Woodward? The devil will be in the details [MLive]