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Prime Woodbridge One-Bedroom Loft Fetches $65 K

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Looks like someone pulled off a success flip (or two?) in Woodbridge, where a condo bought for $17,500 in June 2010 has just sold for $65,000, just a bit short of the $69,000 ask it was going for in June 2012. The one-bedroom has 1,200 square feet and "everything is new." While we still hate the flooring, we can't argue with a location one block from the Woodbridge Pub. But before this condo starts feeling too proud of itself, we should point out that another unit just sold in the building in what also looks like a flip (likely from the same flippers). A two-bedroom unit bought in 2009 for $20,500 was listed for $79,900 earlier this year and just went for $95 K. Upped from the ask? Nice! That unit is 2,392 square feet, and "everything is new."

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