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The Auburn Readies Retail Spaces: First Open House for Model Apartments Starts at Noon Friday

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The very first open house for potential tenants of The Auburn starts this Friday at noon, but Wednesday's press event will reveal which businesses are going into the ground floor. Well, make that 3/5 ths of a reveal. By now you probably know that Hugh, the store for sophisticated housewares, and Topsoil, a new vegetarian restaurant have already made public intentions to open there. That leaves three more ground floor storefronts which we'll hear more about in two more days. More importantly, we're being promised a tour of the model units on Wednesday as well.

This new building will be ready for move-in in November, but pre-leasing has already begun. On the market are 54 one-bedroom and four studio apartments. You'll pay $920 to $995/month for the one-bedrooms and $780 to $830 for one of those studios. How about amenities? Glad you asked. The Auburn offers two expansive porches and a year-round so-called "social room," which sounds a little dorm-y, but it is the WSU hood after all.

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The Auburn

Cass Ave. and Canfield St., Detroit, MI